Nissan Service Intervals

Service Intervals and Common Automotive Needs

Automotive service and repair can be a difficult thing to tackle on your own. That's why we are here to help. Our service center near Lamont is equipped to handle any routine maintenance need. It all starts by knowing what service intervals to look out for.

What to do at 15,000-Miles

By the time you reach 15,000-miles, you will most likely have had multiple oil changes. This standard procedure should be handled every 3,000 to 5,000-miles. Our professionals can give you a more exact timeframe during your visit.

This mileage marker is not a very complicated one. Our team will also check your other fluids and filters. These will be changed depending on your vehicle's needs. We can also check over your entire ride to make sure it is working just the way it's supposed to while driving through Oildale.

What to do at 30,000-Miles

The 30,000-mile interval adds a few more common services to the table. When you bring your car or SUV in for this appointment, we still encourage an overall check-up and oil change. These are services you should always keep at the forefront of your mind.

One of the main services to handle at this point is a tire rotation. Tires will get worn down in the same areas throughout your daily commute. That is why rotating your current set will be a beneficial decision. This helps utilize more of the tire and offers some comprehensive driving benefits. That includes a more efficient drive.

What to do at 60,000-Miles

Once again, this service interval involves all the procedures of your previous visits. After that, you will also want to have your battery checked. Ensuring your battery is up to par will greatly improve your daily driving. Common signs of a worn-out battery include slower starts and dim headlights.

This is also the perfect time to get your more serious systems checked. Your transmission is a great place to start. After 60,000-miles, this area could use some work. Brakes are another extremely important system to get checked during this visit. Our professionals are more than happy to inspect and replace your brakes so that you can trust your ride for miles to come in Arvin.

What to do at 90,000-Miles

Whether you choose to handle your next service appointment at 90,000 or 100,000-miles, you are going to get a lot of the same jobs done. Keeping your vehicle running for this long is obviously a great sign, and that is why we will do many services that you've seen before. From a common oil change to an intense brake inspection, we can handle it all.

Other services you should consider during this interval include:

  • Replace Fluids and Filters
  • Inspect Axles, Suspension, and Belts
  • Replace Spark Plugs

Schedule Your Service Online

No matter what interval your vehicle is at, you can trust our professionals to handle your needs with ease. We know that our customers are busy. That is why we aim to make this process easier with an online service scheduling tool. This digital form takes no time to fill out. Simply enter your contact information, what the problem seems to be, and choose a date/time that works for you. Whether you are on a break at work or enjoying your morning coffee, take the time to get your service scheduled.

Get Your Service Done Right in Bakersfield

We hope that this information has been helpful. If you still have questions about automotive service, feel free to call or visit our dealership near Panama. We will work hard to answer any questions you may have and provide a phenomenal service experience.


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